Subject AW: [firebird-support] Re: 335544382. Can't allocate difference page
Author Steffen Heil (Mailinglisten)
Hi again,

I had the error now again: 335544382. Can't allocate difference page

I think that happened when I tried to execute

I also found the following in syslog:

Feb 19 04:24:13 kernel:traps: firebird[16552] trap invalid opcode ip:7fabfa1bec19 sp:7fabd19c6950 error:0 in[7fabfa1b2000+17000]
Feb 19 04:24:13 systemd-coredump[16555]: Cannot store coredump of 5837 (firebird): No space left on device
Feb 19 04:24:13 systemd-coredump[16555]: Process 5837 (firebird) of user 450 dumped core.

Feb 27 09:03:34 kernel:traps: firebird[5995] trap invalid opcode ip:7f94c16c8c19 sp:7f94af7fb4a0 error:0 in[7f94c16bc000+17000]
Feb 27 09:03:35 systemd-coredump[7883]: Cannot store coredump of 5846 (firebird): No space left on device
Feb 27 09:03:35 systemd-coredump[7883]: Process 5846 (firebird) of user 450 dumped core.

Sadly I do not have a coredump (as that part of the harddrive is not mounted writeable).
But also notice, that the firebird database partition still has >400GB free space.

Also I found a "335544363. no transaction for request" error, but I have no timestamp and cannot correlate it with the crash.
However I got the impression that this happened really short after the crash (and we are using a connection pool).

This is currently firebird 3.0.2.
Does the information above help in any way?

We are preparing an update to the system that will make the coredump position writeable.
But then we do not want to wait for the next problem at the customers site.