Subject What is currently available ...
Author Lester Caine
Having be reliant on Interbase and then Firebird since the 90's I have a
lot of client data stored which I can rely on being available. Early
systems still use the windows based builder 6 code for some areas, but
on the whole access is via web based interfaces. I've used PHP5 since
before it's initial release, and I've many sites working stably and
reliably under Apache or Nginx into Firebird. I have been maintaining
ADOdb as much as I can and have a framework which is fairly up to date
with PHP7.1 but many of my live sites are still running on older
versions of the stack and framework. The problem is where to go next ...

I'm running a couple of wordpress sites, but they need MySQL (MariaDB
being used) and I have OSM services running which need a Postgresql and
there is little chance of moving them onto Firebird so is it time to
throw in the towel and move everything over to something that is getting
more support? I had tikiwiki running with Firebird before forking that
to a more flexible code base, but tiki as it is now has lost much of
it's cross database support. TYPO3 looked like an option, but recent
'improvement' have lost the Firebird/Interbase port. Is it time to even
ditch PHP and move to something a lot more stable?

Just what is currently available as a web site stack on to of Firebird.

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