Subject RE: [firebird-support] FreeAdhocUDF and Firebird 3 not working
Author Maya Opperman

>I have been using Firebird 2.5.7 64 bit on Windows 7 for sometime, also using FreeAdhocUDF. I just installed Firebird 64 bit and now FreeAdhocUDF is no longer loading.

>I see that there is a support ticket in place for this exact bug, but so far no resolution. This is a major problem as I will have to roll back to 2.5 unless I find a work around.

>Has any one found a resolution for this problem?  I mainly use the F_DVL function to get around null values, so I guess I can use a case statement (a lot of work though). It would be nice to get FreeAdhocUDF working again, of course.

>Any pointers appreciated!


I can’t see any reference to F_DVL on to see what it does, but can you not just use coalesce to get around null values? As of 2.5 I have managed to remove all dependencies I had on FreeUDFLib. Trickiest one to find a replacement function for was F_DIV() till I realised you just replace  F_DIV(int1, int2) with (Int1 / Int2) and Firebird does integer division for you.