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Author Lester Caine
On 07/09/17 11:04, Lester Caine lester@... [firebird-support] wrote:
> Having be reliant on Interbase and then Firebird since the 90's I have a
> lot of client data stored which I can rely on being available. Early
> systems still use the windows based builder 6 code for some areas, but
> on the whole access is via web based interfaces. I've used PHP5 since
> before it's initial release, and I've many sites working stably and
> reliably under Apache or Nginx into Firebird. I have been maintaining
> ADOdb as much as I can and have a framework which is fairly up to date
> with PHP7.1 but many of my live sites are still running on older
> versions of the stack and framework. The problem is where to go next ...
> I'm running a couple of wordpress sites, but they need MySQL (MariaDB
> being used) and I have OSM services running which need a Postgresql and
> there is little chance of moving them onto Firebird so is it time to
> throw in the towel and move everything over to something that is getting
> more support? I had tikiwiki running with Firebird before forking that
> to a more flexible code base, but tiki as it is now has lost much of
> it's cross database support. TYPO3 looked like an option, but recent
> 'improvement' have lost the Firebird/Interbase port. Is it time to even
> ditch PHP and move to something a lot more stable?
> Just what is currently available as a web site stack on to of Firebird.

Nobody using Firebird for web site content?

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