Subject unpacking backup with firebird version 1.5 (windows 7)
Author robert rottermann
Hi there,

we are in the process of restructuring a system running on windows XP.

It uses firebird version 1.5.

The person that created the system is not available anymore ..

some times ago, i got the database and installed it on a win7 box.

Now I would like to get the newest data from the daily back which is created
using gbak.

When I try to unpack it using the following command:

c:\Program Files\Firebird..\bin\gback.exe -c VAS.bak VAS.fdb

This produces errors:

gbak: Error: unavailable database VAS

gbak: Error: failed create database VAS

gbak: Error: Exiting before completion due to errors.

when I do the same on my linux box

sudo gbak -c VAS.bak vas_db/VAS.fdb

this seems to work fine (alltough i can not use the result)

can somebody please tell me, how to unpack that file on windos?