Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird Connection String
Author Helen Borrie
Hello Lee,

Sunday, July 23, 2017, 5:28:05 AM, you wrote:

> Am working on an old VB6 project and need to connect to some Firebird Data.
> Having problem Connecting to database when it's a network address.


That's because Firebird (by design) does not connect to databases on
network drives. The database must be on a drive that is physically
connected to the machine that is hosting the Firebird server.

> If my data is on network share at \\MyNetShare\data\sprox.gdb then
> what value do I use for dbServer and dbFileName?

None. From a remote client, use the server's host name or internal IP
address with the file path or (better) a database alias that you have
created in aliases.conf (pre Fb3) or databases.conf (Fb3 onwards).
Here's an example of an alias entry:

sampledb = d:\data\sprox.gdb
(no quotes)

> Tried dbServer="" and dbName="\\MyNetShare\data\sprox.gdb" and it
> works but only if running program As Admin (Win10)

> Any suggestions???
On Windows, you can use either the Windows networking protocol (WNET)
(noisy, outdated)


or TCP/IP (preferred):


There are optional elements for more complicated connections, too. You
should find them in the Quick Start Guide, in the \doc\ folder of your
server installation or in the Documentation library at the Fb we site.

Note, there is a setting you can configure in firebird.conf to enable
access to network drives but it should never be used to attempt access
to a read/write database. It's a recipe for corruption.

Kind regards,
Helen Borrie