Subject Re: [firebird-support] unpacking backup with firebird version 1.5 (windows 7)
Author Helen Borrie
Hello robert,

Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 4:32:12 PM, you wrote:

> When I try to unpack it using the following command:

> c:\Program Files\Firebird..\bin\gback.exe -c VAS.bak VAS.fdb

1. Make sure the server is running.
2. You need the file path and, if using Classic mode, the hostname.

> This produces errors:

> gbak: Error: unavailable database VAS

> gbak: Error: failed create database VAS

> gbak: Error: Exiting before completion due to errors.

> when I do the same on my linux box

> sudo gbak -c VAS.bak vas_db/VAS.fdb

> this seems to work fine (alltough i can not use the result)

> can somebody please tell me, how to unpack that file on windos?

Let's assume you want the database to be in a directory called
"vas_db" and you have created this directory on drive D. For
simplicity, let's say you have placed the backup there as well.

The backup is just a FILE so you don't need the host name for that.
You are restoring to a DATABASE and for that you need a host name on

You want

gbak -c d:\vas_db\/VAS.bak localhost:d:\vas_db\VAS.fdb -user sysdba
-password yourpwd

The default sysdba password on a new installation is masterke, in case
you don't know that already.

The drive MUST be one that is physically connected to the host box.
It can't be a share or anything like that.