Subject RE: [firebird-support] gds32 cohexistance of different firebird installations
Author Leyne, Sean
> Hi, I'm a software developper and I'm new in this NG.
> Daily I have to check data and programs in different Firebird versions. (FB 1.5,
> 2.0, 2.1, 2.5).
> To do this, I've build a tool that stops the firebird service (fbserver) and starts
> the selected fb server (version that i need).
> I've encountered some problems with gds32..
> If i use FB2.5 with the FB1.5 gds library, I recive errors executing queryes and
> the same occurs if i use Fb1. or 2.0 with gds32 of 2.5 version.
> My question is about Gds32.dll location..
> Is it possible to set (in registry? in config file? ) which gds32.dll to use? or in
> which folter to look for gds32.dll?
> If this is not possible, can I move gds32 from system folder to an other
> folder?

GDS32.dll is the legacy DLL name which was used by Interbase.

The correct Firebird DLL name is FBClient.dll, you should be using this DLL for best compatibility (not all versions of the Interbase GDS32.dll will work with all Firebird releases).