Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak restore problem
Author Alan McDonald
Check the page size of the restored vs previous db
On 24/07/2013 8:19 PM, "SysAdm" <sysadm@...> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have this strange problem on gbak. Usually every night I was doing a
> full backup of a database and a subsequent restore order to remove the
> garbage and optimize the database. But when I set out the work on a new
> server environment in FreeBSD 8.4 I faced enormous problems of slowing
> down and malfunctions on the restored database. These problems do not
> occur on the original one, but only on the restored file. The slowness
> of the restored version is really excessive, in the sense that a query
> that on the original version requires no more than a second, in the
> restored version employs even one hour. I tried to rebuild all indexes
> (deactivating and reactivating), to remove them and put them back, to
> recalculate the statistics, upgrade the operating system from version
> 8.1 to 8.4 to recompile and reinstall all ports, including firebird
> itself, but the result is always the same. This does not occur on
> another machine that runs FreeBSD 8.2 and the same version of firebird:
> FB-V2.5.2.26540 Firebird 2.5. On this machine the operation has fully
> happened with the result of a further acceleration of the database. What
> can I do?
> Lorenzo Iania
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