Subject gbak restore problem
Author SysAdm
I have this strange problem on gbak. Usually every night I was doing a
full backup of a database and a subsequent restore order to remove the
garbage and optimize the database. But when I set out the work on a new
server environment in FreeBSD 8.4 I faced enormous problems of slowing
down and malfunctions on the restored database. These problems do not
occur on the original one, but only on the restored file. The slowness
of the restored version is really excessive, in the sense that a query
that on the original version requires no more than a second, in the
restored version employs even one hour. I tried to rebuild all indexes
(deactivating and reactivating), to remove them and put them back, to
recalculate the statistics, upgrade the operating system from version
8.1 to 8.4 to recompile and reinstall all ports, including firebird
itself, but the result is always the same. This does not occur on
another machine that runs FreeBSD 8.2 and the same version of firebird:
FB-V2.5.2.26540 Firebird 2.5. On this machine the operation has fully
happened with the result of a further acceleration of the database. What
can I do?
Lorenzo Iania