Subject Re: gds32 cohexistance of different firebird installations
Author lem_ita_78
--- In, "Leyne, Sean" <Sean@...> wrote:
> GDS32.dll is the legacy DLL name which was used by Interbase.
> The correct Firebird DLL name is FBClient.dll, you should be using this DLL for best compatibility (not all versions of the Interbase GDS32.dll will work with all Firebird releases).
> Sean

Thanks for your answer. I know this, but I have some old programs build in delphi 2 with BDE.. so I can't use fbclient.dll.
I have this problem only on my develop workstation, where I need to change the running FB version many times a day...

Is it possible to set something (a registry key, a config file, some other trick) to tell windows where to look for this dll?
Is it possible to move this dll to an other folder removing it from windows\system\ without malfunctions?

Thank's Martin