Subject an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
Author homerjones1941
I've searched this subject in this group and others. It seems there is
no single cause for this. Even so, I would welcome any input. This seems
to be a common problem with other RDBMS as well, so I'm sure it isn't a
Firebird problem, but perhaps there is some "setting" I've overlooked. I
still consider myself a Firebird novice.
Server: Windows XP with all updates current.Database: Firebird 2.1Client
1: Windows 7 - 64 bit Intel I7 - Wireless connectionClient 2: Windows
XP 32 bit AMD Dual Core - Wired connection (this is not the
server).Language: Delphi 2007 - Data access via IBDAC components
Application: Customer lookup and support data.The program normally has
only one table open using an IBDAC Query component. The data is
displayed one record at a time (not a grid). There are a good number of
other tables, but they are not open when this problem occurs.
Condition/Symptom: Within 15 or 20 seconds of opening the database, the
program freezes for a short period before returning the error: "... an
existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host." This
happens while navigating from one record to the next. It also happens in
the same amount of time when sitting idle. Examination of
Firebird.log shows multiple coinsurances of :
MYCOMPUTERNAME (Server) Thu Mar 29 18:11:06 2012 INET/inet_error: send
errno = 10054
MYCOMPUTERNAME (Server) Thu Mar 29 18:19:03 2012 INET/inet_error: read
errno = 10054
Assumptions:Since 10054 = "Connection reset by peer", I assume the
origin of both messages is occurring on the server, and they are both
reporting same condition.
Question:If my assumption is correct, is there something I need to do
with Firebird that will prevent/minimize this? I'm leaving town for the
weekend, will not have time to look at the server until Monday. I plan
to look at Firewall and FileZilla settings, Should I check anything
More background:I have a server application (also written in Delphi
using Indy) running on the same server in the same domain. It has been
running flawlessly for many months. This same machine, router and switch
has been my web server for over a year.

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