Subject Re: [firebird-support] an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
Author Michael Ludwig
homerjones1941 schrieb am 30.03.2012 um 08:12 (-0000):
> Server: Windows XP with all updates current.Database: Firebird 2.1
> Client 1: Windows 7 - 64 bit Intel I7 - Wireless connection
> Client 2: Windows XP 32 bit AMD Dual Core - Wired connection (this
> is not the server).
> Language: Delphi 2007 - Data access via IBDAC components (devart).
> Application: Customer lookup and support data.The program normally has
> only one table open using an IBDAC Query component. The data is
> displayed one record at a time (not a grid). There are a good number
> of other tables, but they are not open when this problem occurs.
> Condition/Symptom: Within 15 or 20 seconds of opening the database,
> the program freezes for a short period before returning the error:
> "... an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host."

Sounds like a Microsoft Windows TCP level problem; you probably know
that much already.

Troubleshooting: Connection Forcibly Closed

> This happens while navigating from one record to the next. It also
> happens in the same amount of time when sitting idle. Examination
> of Firebird.log shows multiple coinsurances of :
> MYCOMPUTERNAME (Server) Thu Mar 29 18:11:06 2012 INET/inet_error: send
> errno = 10054
> MYCOMPUTERNAME (Server) Thu Mar 29 18:19:03 2012 INET/inet_error: read
> errno = 10054
> Assumptions:Since 10054 = "Connection reset by peer", I assume the
> origin of both messages is occurring on the server, and they are both
> reporting same condition.
> Question:If my assumption is correct, is there something I need to do
> with Firebird that will prevent/minimize this?

Can't think of anything, but I'm not an expert.

Rather, try unsetting the SynAttackProtect registry name as suggested by
the MSDN article.

> I plan to look at Firewall and FileZilla settings, Should I check
> anything else?

Firewall, maybe; not sure how FileZilla would be related.

> More background:I have a server application (also written in Delphi
> using Indy) running on the same server in the same domain. It has been
> running flawlessly for many months. This same machine, router and
> switch has been my web server for over a year.

The clients for that other server might just not happen to run into or
trigger or detect this error condition.

Michael Ludwig