Subject DB w/ 16kb page site and BLOB fields size w/ content just 40bytes by record
Author emailx45
Dear friends, my question is:

The components cxScheduler (from ) use some fields type BLOB!

One field, type RESOURCE_DATA_INFO (devexpress), use just 40bytes for store your information about data resources of the record.

My question is, How many bytes are store/or used/ in a DB with page site of 16kb and one field BLOB (binary = numbers) in this case, where DevExpress use just 40bytes/record?


If I have 1.000.000 records in my Scheduler and using the field (BLOB binary = numbers save for cxScheduler / DevExpress) that use just 40bytes / records? So, will be:

1.000.000 x 40bytes OR 1.000.000 x 16kbytes (pages size)

What is the size occuped in disk?

Will be "the size page" just "a possible space to be occupied", or even if you do not occupy the whole space, the rest would be busy with something, such as blanks, etc ...?

Here the link to fields definition of cxScheduler by DevExpress: