Subject RE: [firebird-support] DB w/ 16kb page site and BLOB fields size w/ content just 40bytes by record
Author Leyne, Sean
> One field, type RESOURCE_DATA_INFO (devexpress), use just 40bytes for store
> your information about data resources of the record.
> My question is, How many bytes are store/or used/ in a DB with page site of
> 16kb and one field BLOB (binary = numbers) in this case, where DevExpress use
> just 40bytes/record?

There is no one answer, it depends on several factors, key of which is how big would the *data row* be if the contents of the blob was included.

If that size is less than the free space on the data page, then the blob would be stored with the data, taking only 40 bytes.

If the row can't fit, then the blob would be stored separately in which case a full page (16K in your case) would be used.

Given that you know how big the contents would be, why wouldn't you simply map the schedule data field to a char/varchar field?