Subject Firebird 2.5 embedded with the single-connection functionality?
Author patrick_marten

I'm doing some research about Firebird 2.5.1 as a preparation for a switch from Firebird 2.1.3

One of the problems I've just discovered is related to the embedded server:

"Windows Embedded now contains a SuperClassic instead of a SuperServer engine. File locks are shared, so a database can be accessed by one or more Embedded servers and a regular Classic or SuperClassic server at the same time."

That's quite a breaking change...

I found the previous solution of how the emedded server was working very nice. The single-user version of our application is based on that functionality... Now with FB 2.5 it would work totaly differently, which is pretty bad...

Is there a way to get FB 2.5 embedded to work like FB 2.1.3 is working, so that only one application can connect to a database at the same time?

I hope there is one...

Kind regards,