Subject Questions about an upgrade to FB 2.5 and different ODS
Author patrick_marten

our server here has Firebird 64bit installed. It manages the access to several databases, which have different ODS (11.1, 11.2) as they were created with different FB versions.

I have two questions here:
1. Everything works fine so far, but I'm wondering if I should / or even have to "upgrade" those databases to ODS 11.2 by doing a backup and restore?

2. I've noticed the different ODS versions because I'm thinking about a change to FB 2.5.1, if all the issues I've discovered so far can be solved / avoided.

In case of a change or in case the ODS change (see #1) should be done:
- what exactly do I have to do? I've read some notes about additional steps required for metadata upgrade of blobs or somethng like that, but didn't really know what to do, when I took a look into the mentioned upgrade directory...
- can I just install FB 2.5.1 over the existing installation of FB 2.5.0 or should I note the changes made in firebird.conf etc., uninstall 2.5.0 and then install 2.5.1?

Kind regards,