Subject Re: [firebird-support] IBO with FB 32 bit in Windows 64bit causes "application seems to be frozen" from time to time?
Author Mark Rotteveel
> I have a desktop application which uses Firebird 2.5. Up until v2.5 I
> was using the FB embedded version. Also, I use madExcept to catch any
> bugs that occur and send me an email. I also use IBObjects to connect
> with FB.
> Anyway, as users get new computers, more and more of them are getting 64
> bit Windows OS and it is on those computers that I am seeing the
> madExcept, "Application seems to be frozen" errors during a query to the
> DB. This error means that there was an apparent loop lasting longer than
> 60 seconds. (The DB is not responding and the component is waiting.)

I know that some of the more recent Windows versions got a lot more picky about applications not responding timely. This usually happens if the event thread is blocked, and the application stops consuming and responding to windows events. Could it be that your application is doing things like retrieving or processing data with a long running time on the application event thread, instead of offloading that work to a separate thread? This is one of the primary causes of application not responding errors.

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