Subject IBO with FB 32 bit in Windows 64bit causes "application seems to be frozen" from time to time?
Author Chuck Belanger

I have a desktop application which uses Firebird 2.5. Up until v2.5 I
was using the FB embedded version. Also, I use madExcept to catch any
bugs that occur and send me an email. I also use IBObjects to connect
with FB.

Anyway, as users get new computers, more and more of them are getting 64
bit Windows OS and it is on those computers that I am seeing the
madExcept, "Application seems to be frozen" errors during a query to the
DB. This error means that there was an apparent loop lasting longer than
60 seconds. (The DB is not responding and the component is waiting.)

There is no one location in the program that this issue comes up. It
seems to occur with any DB query access. I tried upgrading 64bit users
to the full server, but that made no difference. I have one user who
uses the application 10-12 hrs a day, 6 days a week and I was getting
this "frozen app" report when accessing the DB about 3-5 times per week.
To put this in context this would be many thousands of DB access
attempts. Anyway, I convinced him to switch back to x86 Windows and he
has had no "frozen app" messages in about 3 weeks since doing the switch.

Other users of 64bit Windows continue to get this error from time to time.

I use a modified FreeUDFLib.dll which I compile in Delphi 2007. Since
there is no 64 bit version of this dll, I'm stuck with using FB 32 bit.
No way to test how using FB 64 bit would affect this.

Does anyone have idea what may be going on? Is there some FB config
setting I may need to use?

Thank you for any help,

Chuck Belanger