Subject Re: How to Identify 64 bit firebird
Author mariuz
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> I have a requirement to Identify whether a Firebird system is 64 bit or not, in order to know whether to deploy a 64 bit UDF or a 32 bit UDF. Is there any thing to give the correct information here.
> I am hoping to be able to use the "IBO Admin" Component suite for Delphi to Identify this information.
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> Robert.
I would detect if is a 64 bit os first
Then if so detect where firebird is installed
(if is in 32 bit reserved path or in 64 bit area)
One more check would be to check if firebird is really a 64bit process

TODO:Maybe the api should show it somewhere like in the the version case
SELECT rdb$get_context('SYSTEM', 'ENGINE_64BITS') from rdb$database;
1/0 in 2.5
True/False 3.x