Subject Re: [firebird-support] incremental search ?
Author Cornie van Schoor
On 2011/04/08 05:26, Sergio H. Gonzalez wrote:
> Hello! probably this is a silly question, but I'd like to know other's
> experiences in this matter. I'd like to implement an incremental search
> facility in some forms. I think I've read somewhere that incremental
> search is not a good idea on client/server databases... so my first
> question: is that true?
> I'm using Firebird 2.1 with Delphi / IBX components and I'm testing with
> a very simple method: on the OnChange event of an Edit box I close the
> query (select * from my table where name containing :somename) pass
> Edit1.Text as parameter and open the query again. So far (and with a few
> thousand records) it seems to be ok. So the next question: Is that
> method OK? should I be aware of someting in the future? I didn't test it
> with A LOT of records yet so I'd like to hear any advice. Thank you very
> much!!-Sergio

I use it on a large extend in my program with tables with up to 20 000
records. (For the larger ones the user must first complete the search
criteria, before I start the search) I even designed a general Unit
that handles the search functions for various tables.

I prefer "contantaing" because it is case incentive and finds in the
middle as well. But it can be disable by the customer

To limit the network traffic a limit the package of records that IBX
returns to 200 (PackageRecords := 200)

I can send u the source code if you like, it needs JVCL and a
cutsomization of mine to compile.



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