Subject FB -> UDF -> Execute Program Problem
Author Woody
OK, so I wrote a small separate app that uses ODBC to connect to an Access database and import certain records from a table into a Firebird database. I created a UDF to call from a stored procedure which does nothing but execute the program with passed parameters.

When I run the small transfer program directly, everything works as expected. When I execute the stored procedure to call the UDF to execute the program, the same ODBC connection returns with an error stating that "the specified procedure can not be found". I've traced it to the OPEN call to connect to the Access DB with ODBC.

I have put in output statements that write to a file so I can tell that all the information is the same no matter which way I execute the program. All parameters are being passed in and look exactly the same according to my debug information.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe the process running through Firebird isn't getting rights or something preventing the ODBC connection. I have tried both DNS and DNS-less connection strings and both act the same way.

Any ideas?


Woody (TMW)

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