Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB -> UDF -> Execute Program Problem
Author Woody
From: "Woody" <woody-tmw@...>
Subject: [firebird-support] FB -> UDF -> Execute Program Problem

> OK, so I wrote a small separate app that uses ODBC to connect to an Access
> database and import certain records from a table into a Firebird database.
> I created a UDF to call from a stored procedure which does nothing but
> execute the program with passed parameters.

Never mind. I've decided to just use the DSN-less ODBC directly from my main
program instead of messing with UDF and Firebird rights. I can catch the
exception and feed it to the user if the MS Access ODBC driver isn't loaded
on their machine. At that point, it becomes their problem and not mine. :-)

I would still like to know why it won't work through a UDF call from the FB
database, though. So, if anyone has any thoughts about it I'd still be
interested. Since I solved my problem another way, though, it's not an
immediate concern.


Woody (TMW)