Subject Firebird upgrade without taking a backup before
Author Joe Galinke
If I got the description how to change the ODS of a database right
(Firebird-gbak.pdf), then I have to use different gbak versions to do

The point is, that in the past we did a Firebird upgrade from
1.5 (or 2.0?, it's ODS 11.0) to 2.1 but without taking a backup before and doing a
restore afterwards. We just used the old database file which seems
to work fine.

I've got to admit that since the Firebird upgrade we didn't test to
restore a backup for test purpose. Now reading the the description
mentioned above I'm afraid a backup taken with the "new" gbak is
quite useless.

At least it doesn't work here with a test database with ODS 10.1,
using it with Firebird 2.1. Working with the database is without any
problems. Right now I can't access the more important database I
mentioned before.


1) Am I right that I _must_ take a backup with old gabak under the
old Firebird server and restore it with the new gbak under the new
server instead of just using the same file?

2) If the answer to 1) is yes, what can I do to repair this?

Ok, I could try to reinstall the old version there, take a backup,
restore the new one again and restore it.

But isn't it possible that I can't handle it anymore with the old
version because it is used with 2.1 since quite a while?

3) Where can I find a list of ODS- Firebird versions?