Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird database cannot get it online
Author Tony Christiansen
Hi Norman

Appreciate your input.

I attempted to shutdown the database with the command in IBExpert. It
hung so I had to abort the process.

FB was and is running (I have 8 applications running on the server so
could not shut it down but will do tonight).

This was a scare as the database is toast but I hope the FB restart will
resolve it.

Meanwhile I copied the database file (hate doing that) and validated
that copy for the client to continue working on. (Had that failed I
would have resorted to backup.


Norman Dunbar wrote:
> Morning Tony,
> > Tried both but they both return the same result ie
> > database C:\BOOKSYS\ArtistTek\ARTISTTEK.FDB shutdown.
> How exactly did you shut down the system?
> It sounds to me as if the firebird server is not running. As this
> appears to be a windows box, given the file names, you need to have a
> look here - - for the
> docs, but ...
> * Check in control panel->administration->services to see if the
> Firebird service and guardian) are running. If not, start them. You can
> do that in control panel, or on the command line:
> c:\> instsvc stop
> Service "Firebird Guardian - DefaultInstance" successfully stopped.
> c:\> instsvc start
> Service "Firebird Guardian - DefaultInstance" successfully started.
> * Now try bringing the database online again using gfix:
> c:\> gfix -online normal <database>
> * You should *not* need to restart the actual physical server that
> Firebird is running on.
> In summary, you need to be sure that the Firebird server (services) is
> running and that the database has been brought online.
> Cheers,
> Norman.
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