Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird database cannot get it online
Author Norman Dunbar
Hi Tony,

> I attempted to shutdown the database with the command in IBExpert. It
> hung so I had to abort the process.
Did you get the option when shutting down, to specify Forced, Deny
Transaction or Deny attachment as well as a wait time?

If so, the options you chose may have been the reason for the delay as
described at
Unless you used the force option then the database shutdown would have
waited for transactions/attachments to complete their work, however, in
this case I would expect the shutdown to fail after the wait time had

The force option should terminate active sessions as well as preventing
new attachments and/or transactions, however, I note that a bug in FB
2.0 Classic Server causes -FORCE to act as per -ATTACH!

So, the question has to be, what version of FB are you using and which
server type? If 2.0 classic then this could be why the shutdown hung.

> FB was and is running (I have 8 applications running on the server so
> could not shut it down but will do tonight).
Ok, this is fine. It's database related - I imagine - rather than FB
Server. You probably don't need to stop/start the FB server itself.

> This was a scare as the database is toast but I hope the FB restart will
> resolve it.
Yes, I hate these situations - and I have to deal with Oracle databases
at work too!

> Meanwhile I copied the database file (hate doing that) and validated
> that copy for the client to continue working on. (Had that failed I
> would have resorted to backup.
Let's hope you test your recoveries from time to time to be sure that
the backups worked! ;-)

What happens if you run the following from the command line:

c:\> gfix -shut full -force 5 <database>

The error message shout be almost immediate given the 5 second timeout.
If you simply get t he prompt back, then the database is shutdown. Any
attempt to connect will give the message you are seeing.



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