Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird database cannot get it online
Author Norman Dunbar
Morning Tony,

> Tried both but they both return the same result ie
> database C:\BOOKSYS\ArtistTek\ARTISTTEK.FDB shutdown.

How exactly did you shut down the system?

It sounds to me as if the firebird server is not running. As this
appears to be a windows box, given the file names, you need to have a
look here - - for the
docs, but ...

* Check in control panel->administration->services to see if the
Firebird service and guardian) are running. If not, start them. You can
do that in control panel, or on the command line:

c:\> instsvc stop
Service "Firebird Guardian - DefaultInstance" successfully stopped.

c:\> instsvc start
Service "Firebird Guardian - DefaultInstance" successfully started.

* Now try bringing the database online again using gfix:

c:\> gfix -online normal <database>

* You should *not* need to restart the actual physical server that
Firebird is running on.

In summary, you need to be sure that the Firebird server (services) is
running and that the database has been brought online.


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