Subject FB Service Shuts Down during High Load
Author anchovies00

We are running 64bit FB 2.1.3 on Windows Server 2008.
During high connection load/query from app.servers, the FB service seems to shut down and guardian will restart it. We have another infra. setup using 32bit Windows 2003 - same issue.

ODS Version - 11.1
Page size -16384
Pages - 4635791
Size on disk - 70.74GB
Page buffers - 2048
Read only - false
Dialect - 3
Sweep interval - 200000
Forced writes - ON

The error seen is
Unable to complete network request to host "". Reason: Unable to complete network request to host "". at

We have not tried to simulate these yet, but this is the 2nd time we have encountered this. Connections are pooled in C3P0 via hibernate.

Was just wondering if any of you have encountered the above before. Query load shd be about hundreds.

Much thanks,