Subject Re: [firebird-support] Looking for C/C++ Client Interface to Firebird Server
Author Milan Babuskov
samcarleton wrote:
> I am looking for a C/C++ client interface I can use
> 2: ibpp (
> I found this a while back and didn't dig too deep into it at the time.

This would be easiest to implement because it has no external
dependencies (beside C++ library and Firebird, of course). It supports
all the features of Firebird 1.0-2.5. Some new features of 3.0 are not
supported, but even if the original author (Olivier) does not do it,
it's much easier to add them yourself then program everyting in C API.
AFAICT, other libraries also lack support for those features, so IBPP is
probably the best choice.

> Are there any other options out there?

You might find something interesting here:


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