Subject Looking for C/C++ Client Interface to Firebird Server
Author samcarleton
I am looking for a C/C++ client interface I can use to create an Apache DBD provider ( for Firebird 2.5. Here are the ones I know about:

1: The native C interface

A year or so back, I looked into the native C interface for IB 7.5.1 and it was all out scary! It looked like the raw structures where exposed and the client had to manage everything themselves. Yea, it allows for the best use of memory, etc, but the development time, WOW! I would prefer not:)

2: ibpp (

I found this a while back and didn't dig too deep into it at the time. I simply liked the fact it was not part of a bigger package like Qt, thus it was the leading candidate. I just dug a bit deeper and see that the last release is 4-years-old. Doesn't seem like a good option.

3: Qt

Right now this is the leading candidate, though it does not sit well with me: I am already using Qt, so I know it well. What I love about it on the client side is what I dislike about using it in an Apache module. With respect to it's DB framework, it has globals. I don't know how that will play with Apache, it just seems like a less the ideal candidate for creating a Apache DBD provider

Are there any other options out there?