Subject Re: Looking for C/C++ Client Interface to Firebird Server
Author samcarleton
--- In, Philippe Makowski <makowski@...> wrote:
> 2011/3/2 samcarleton <scarleton@...>
> > 2: ibpp (
> >
> > I found this a while back and didn't dig too deep into it at the time. I simply liked the fact it was not part of a bigger package like Qt, thus it was the leading candidate. I just dug a bit deeper and see that the last release is 4-years-old. Doesn't seem like a good option.
> >
> Flamerobin use it, and a lot of others users
> contact ibpp and flamerobin teams, you'll get information
> Ibpp is alive

That is good to hear, I did see something about how ibpp has a v3 in the works. I will contact them directly and see what I can learn:)