Subject Is it expected that FB 2.5 Win64 seem to work with FB 2.1 Win32 databases?
Author Olivier Mascia
Just for the fun of testing it after having found no definitive word on that (or having missed it, very possibly), I have launched FB 2.5 RC3 Win 64 bits at some databases built by FB 2.1 Win 32 bits. Looks like that works, and very well.

Migrating from 2.1 32 bits (Win) to 2.5 64 bits (Win), should a gbak/restore scheme be put in place anyway for real production migration, or could it be made *that* simple?

Those databases are gbak'ed and restored once in a while anyway. Is there a specific benefit of backing up with the 2.1 32 bit edition, to then restore with the 64 bit 2.5 version?

Olivier Mascia