Subject RE: [firebird-support] Running 32 bit 1.5 classic on 64 bit SBS 2008
Author Maya Opperman
Mark Wrote>

>I assume you mean GB, not MB. I think I had my last machine with 16 MB
RAM somewhere around 1996 ;)

Opps. <blush>

>Could it be that the DNS resolution has been changed? I have seen
problems with DNS or reverse DNS resolution causing high delays.

Thanks, have asked the server admin to check!

>Is a different mailserver used (I assume here you mean sending invoices
by mail)? Was the configuration of the mailserver changed (I have seen
situations where a misconfiguration of the mailserver caused delays in
sending mails upto 30 seconds after which the send aborted on a
configured timeout).

Yup, there is a mail server, and it looks rather busy. Will ask them to
check on that

>No, the limit is (max) 2 GB per 32 bit process. I actually do not know
if Windows 64 uses only one 32 bit Windows-on-Windows subsystem in
total, or one per process. If it is one in total, then the limit will
probably be 3GB in total. Otherwise (one WoW subsystem per process) it
will probably allow full use of memory.

Whew, so there is a chance of running OK like this. Will add up all the
32 bit processes, and see how much memory they are all using in total.