Subject Re: RE: [firebird-support] Running 32 bit 1.5 classic on 64 bit SBS 2008
Author Mark Rotteveel
> >Could it be that the DNS resolution has been changed? I have seen
> problems with DNS or reverse DNS resolution causing high delays.
> Thanks, have asked the server admin to check!

Also check the configuration on the server itself. Misconfiguration (eg using a hostname on the server that is different from the hostname in DNS can also cause delays

> >Is a different mailserver used (I assume here you mean sending invoices
> by mail)? Was the configuration of the mailserver changed (I have seen
> situations where a misconfiguration of the mailserver caused delays in
> sending mails upto 30 seconds after which the send aborted on a
> configured timeout).
> Yup, there is a mail server, and it looks rather busy. Will ask them to
> check on that

Especially watch for spam filters and other security controls. Most delays I have seen where spam filters that could not contact the external blacklists or (once again) problems with reverse resolving the DNS to check if the sending host is an authorized host.

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