Subject Running 32 bit 1.5 classic on 64 bit SBS 2008
Author Maya Opperman
Hi All,

I have a customer using SBS 2008, with 16 MB ram, 7.6MB which is
currently in use.

Their previous server was an XP machine, and was much faster.
(instantaneous compared to now waiting 18 seconds for an invoice to be
sent) We have gone through all the usual -anti-virus, volume shadowing,

They are using FB 1.5 classic 32 bit. I have not suggested 64 bit
firebird, as we rely on UDF's, and as far as I am aware, you cannot have
32bit UDF's on a 64 bit server.

Question: as far as I understand, there is a 4gig limit on 32 bit
applications. So, if they have 16MB ram, and the first 4GIG is used up,
would that explain why their system is so slow?


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