Subject Re: is Firebird the good or wrong choice ?
Author svanderclock
Dear alan,

yes i completely agree, my frustation is simply that it's not work "suddenly" :(
before i was like you was pretty good, but that the database grow now a nightmare .... i sure we touch something buggy in firebird but what ? vlad suggest the monitoring database, but i thing we touch something else ... too much of rows? too much of index ? windows 2008 R2 ? i don't know and this is what is really frustating, it's very hard to detect by running, the error must be (i thing) detected in the code by annalyzing it ... not easy for sure !

3 week we spend to do some test application to reproduce the bug, hardly we can reproduce it.. some time in one day, the last 2 week on our test server i can not reproduce it :( raaaaahh

thanks for all

> I certainly do not suffer crashes and server freezes as you report so what
> could be the reason for my success and your frustration? Do you want to get
> to the bottom of this rationally?
> Alan