Subject is Firebird the good or wrong choice ?
Author svanderclock

When our database was little, not really intensive firebird was ok. But as soon as our database grown, it's become a terribly nightmare !!! index corruption, database corruption, Server crash, server freeze, server use 100% CPU, etc... every week big crash of the database, and to backup restore the data it's cost more than one days ! you imagine a 24h*24h service that stop every week for more than 24 hours ? simply imagine all the employees without any tool to work!

I know that their is some guy here that do a fantastic job on firebird (like vlad, helene, Philippe, etc.), and even they do it most of the time for free ! but it's seam to be not enalf : it's still not work ...

i m really frustated because today our website is again crashed and it's will again like this all the days in the best scenario... in the worse scenario the database is too much corrupted to be backuped / restored and we must go in old version of backup, mean data loss !

we have 2 dedicated database server, one with firebird and another with mysql... say what you want but i never connect to the mysql server, just time to time to update the windows 2008 ! i even don't have too much knowledge of mysql. but it's really work for more than 3 years now without any problems (but really not even a single error) !

I smile (badly) when i hear that firebird can run without any database administrator ... yes probably but if you have 3 tables and no more then 100 records :)

I m very sorry about this strong letter, but i m completely
worried today about firebird... if noone say nothing, everything will look like ok ... but it's not ok !! i hope that the firebird managing team can find fastly a way out to stabilize their engine, but for now the 100% open source not seam to be the solution ! it's not work ! compare the building in west europe and in est europe to see what i mean ... it's really look like for me that their is a lack of financial mean in firebird ... here also say what you want but stop to say that only few developpers can maintain and grow a database engine that have a value of 30 millions dollars !! this time of one man show in computer world is over for more than 10 years now !!

again don't say what i not say: the firebird team are doing a fantastic job ... i m just worried (terribly) that they are doing alone a titan job ! and me in this time i need to wake up at 3AM in the morning because server crashed, can not even imagine going in holidays ...