Subject Backup Restore problem
Author mauleen2001

I am having Firebird V2.1, Visual Studio 2005( and Firebird Client V2.1.
I am taking backup through Firebird client object and it works fine. When i tried to restore my backup it fail and gives me error.

My backup and restore functions are as below:

My database name is DVSB.FDB and its size is more than 1 GB

Private Sub BackUpDB()
Dim fbBackup As New FbBackup
fbBackup.Verbose = True
fbBackup.Options = FbBackupFlags.IgnoreLimbo
fbBackup.BackupFiles.Add(New FbBackupFile(strBackupSubDirectory & "\DVSB.gbk", 4096))


End Sub

Private Sub RestoreDB()

Dim fbRestore As New FbRestore
fbRestore.Options = FbRestoreFlags.Create + FbRestoreFlags.Replace
fbRestore.PageSize = 8192

fbRestore.BackupFiles.Add(New FbBackupFile(Path.GetTempPath & "\DVSB.gbk", 4096))
End If
fbRestore.Verbose = True
fbRestore.ConnectionString = connectionString

End Sub

My Error:
FirebirdSql.Data.Common.IscException: Exception of type 'FirebirdSql.Data.Common.IscException' was thrown.
at FirebirdSql.Data.Client.Gds.GdsConnection.ReadStatusVector()
at FirebirdSql.Data.Client.Gds.GdsConnection.ReadResponse()
at FirebirdSql.Data.Client.Gds.GdsServiceManager.Query(ServiceParameterBuffer spb, Int32 requestLength, Byte[] requestBuffer, Int32 bufferLength, Byte[] buffer)
at FirebirdSql.Data.Services.FbService.QueryService(Byte[] items)
at FirebirdSql.Data.Services.FbService.GetNextLine()
at FirebirdSql.Data.Services.FbService.ProcessServiceOutput()
at FirebirdSql.Data.Services.FbRestore.Execute()

Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong?