Subject error using a database from an embedded app and the firebird service
Author ndirondello marco
hi all, i'm using fb 2.5.

i have an application which connect to a database using embedded connection (it uses .net data provider).

for debug purpose i need to connect to the same database using the firebird server service (with flamerobin) while the other application is running.

my problem is that i cannot connect to the same file with both (my app and flamerobin/fb server).

the first process will correctly connect, the second not (i tried both the orders, server and then my app, my app and then the server).

if i start 2 istances of my application they work (so it seems that is not a bug of .net data provider).

i tried another ui application for firebird and i have the same error (so it seems that is not a bug of flamerobin).

i want know if it's possible to do that and if it's possible where i wrong.