Subject newbie question

I am a newbie to Firefox and DB admin but not new to programing and SQL.

My operational environment (when I get it all working is as follows):

OS: Windows Vista Home  Premium

 Firebird- (Classic)


Intended use:  DB supporting  analysis research and non-profit organizations. 

No transactional use planned at this time.

FDB running as service, local tcp/ip. 

Question 1:
Is there a Firebird GUI tool for fdb management, security set up  etc,good sql editor?  If so where can I find it?

If no to above can you recommend one of the free ones.? (I know I am not supposed to ask technical questions about 3rd party software  but I need an experienced users advice on where to start.)


I have several of the PDF's Quckstarts etc.   Where do I find the best SQL Manual/Reference for FDB? SQL examples?




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