Subject Re: [firebird-support] I request addition of updatable RecordSets and ResultSets in .NET Provider.
Author Brahmana Brahmaputra Tushar Goswami
I love free software. I only intended to get things right. The things which
are missing, why can't I demand them right away?

On Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 6:55 PM, Paul Vinkenoog <paul@...> wrote:

> Hello Tushar,
> > I am Tushar. I just recently came to know about Firebird DB for the first
> time some days ago! I decided to integrate Firebird DB as an embedded DB in
> my Freeware Software. I realized that updatable RecordSet and ResultSet
> features are completely missing. I honor Firebird because there is no other
> DB like her. I request the developers to add updatable RecordSet and
> Resultset features in the .NET Provider. Most importantly I do not use .NET
> Framework 3.0 and higher for developing my software. So the best is that
> Firebird .NET Provider for .NET Framework 2.0 should always be updated
> first. Most people have Windows XP and usually .NET 2.0 only.
> You should take this question to the Firebird .NET list. To subscribe:
> mailto:firebird-net-provider-request@...<>
> ?subject=subscribe
> > Please give priority to my requests.
> I'd leave that sentence out if I were you. You get this software for free;
> it's created by volunteers. Why should your requests have a higher priority
> than those of others?
> Kind regards,
> Paul Vinkenoog

**Brahmana Brahmaputra Tushar Goswami**,

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