Subject Re: [firebird-support] I request addition of updatable RecordSets and ResultSets in .NET Provider.
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello Tushar,

> I am Tushar. I just recently came to know about Firebird DB for the first time some days ago! I decided to integrate Firebird DB as an embedded DB in my Freeware Software. I realized that updatable RecordSet and ResultSet features are completely missing. I honor Firebird because there is no other DB like her. I request the developers to add updatable RecordSet and Resultset features in the .NET Provider. Most importantly I do not use .NET Framework 3.0 and higher for developing my software. So the best is that Firebird .NET Provider for .NET Framework 2.0 should always be updated first. Most people have Windows XP and usually .NET 2.0 only.

You should take this question to the Firebird .NET list. To subscribe:


> Please give priority to my requests.

I'd leave that sentence out if I were you. You get this software for free; it's created by volunteers. Why should your requests have a higher priority than those of others?

Kind regards,
Paul Vinkenoog