Subject Re: [firebird-support] Using DB while nbackup -N is running
Author Kjell Rilbe
Paul Vinkenoog skriver:
> >>> So, can I connect and work with the DB while nbackup -N is running?
> > I'd like to know *beforehand*
> >
> > 1. if it is possible to connect,
> Yes. Nbackup was designed in such a way that the database remains fully
> operational during the "merge" state.
> Writes go the the main file, reads are taken from both main and delta
> and then compared for freshness.

Nice. What about writes that affect parts of the databse that are newer
in the delta than in the main file? I assume it's solved somehow...

> > 2. if it is risk free.
> Well, it doesn't come with a guarantee. The developers invested a lot of
> time (and testing) in this part of the code, so it should work. But
> there have been problems with nbackup before. It's always at your own risk.

I'm aware of that of course. I was referring to the risks according to
the "specification", i.e. if everything works as intended.

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