Subject Re: [firebird-support] Using DB while nbackup -N is running
Author Kjell Rilbe
Paul Vinkenoog skriver:
> > I assume "mapped pages" are pages that were updated during stalled
> > state, and thus have a newer version in the delta than in the main file.
> Yes, those pages are said to be "mapped out" to the delta file.
> > 1. Main file contains page rev 1.
> > (...)
> > 9. Merge finishes.
> That's exactly how I understand it.
> > This would appear to work and be consistent with the quoted text above,
> > although I did find the text somewhat unclear.
> Not everybody is fluent in English. If you want to make sure that your
> (and my) assumptions are correct, you could contact Nikolay, or ask
> Sean Leyne, his then-boss, who assigned him the nbackup task. Both are
> active on firebird-devel, so you can pick up their email addresses
> easily.

Nor am I. I'm Swedish. :-) Anyway, point taken.

I'm satisfied now. Thanks for helping.
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