Subject Re: Possible memory problem related to FB?
Author tomsee7
> Thanks Alan - I'll try that.
> --- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@> wrote:
> > I would do this:
> > - Set sweep to 0 and do this manually
> > - update to the latest 2.1.4 snapshot- I don't know what charset you are
> > using but there is a memory loss issue fixed in 2.1.4 with regard to blob
> > transliteration
> >
> > Alan

Update for everyone:

The v2.1.4 snapshot seems to have made a very big difference in certain types of queries (esp.against blobs as per Alan).
Before, issuing a query like this (against ~13,000 records):

select,contact.firstname,contact.lastname, companycontact.* from companycontact
inner join contact on (
where ( (UPPER(companycontact.notes) LIKE '%AND%') )

made the FBServer process go from 20k to 250k. Whereas now it increases to just 29k. In some situations we could just watch it rise into the gigs. Task Manager stats may not be the most reliable and I am not knowledgeable enough about some of these things but wanted to share in case it can help others.