Subject Possible memory problem related to FB?
Author tomsee7
Hi All,

I'm getting intermittment reports of a memory problem on a 4-user site. This is the first FB 64bit app that I have deployed so if anyone has any useful insights as to whether you think the problem lies with the app or FB or a.n.other scenario then great. (BTW, the server is looking for a reboot following significant updates + symantec mail security for exchange has 10+ instances running on the server).

In taskmgr 97% of memory is shown as in use and FB in far and away the highest user of it. Resource monitor shows FB using:
Commit: 1460kb
Working: 1279kb
Private: 1275kb

The app has quite a lot of dynamically-created datasets but internal diagnostics doesn't reveal any memory leaks. The gstat output seems to confirm this.

Lastly, the tasklist /all summary shows fbserver using ole32.dll which I found surprising....

DefaultDbCachePages = 8192
Page Size 16384
Forced Writes enabled
Sweep Interval 20000

Windows SBS server 64bit
Intel Xeon@2.27Ghz
6gb ram

gstat header output
Database header page information:
Flags 0
Checksum 12345
Generation 369685
Page size 16384
ODS version 11.1
Oldest transaction 369564
Oldest active 369565
Oldest snapshot 369557
Next transaction 369664
Bumped transaction 1
Sequence number 0
Next attachment ID 1202
Implementation ID 26
Shadow count 0
Page buffers 0
Next header page 0
Database dialect 3
Creation date Jun 19, 2010 14:04:59
Attributes force write

Variable header data:
Sweep interval: 20000

fbserver.exe 16860 ntdll.dll, kernel32.dll, MSVCR80.dll,
msvcrt.dll, WS2_32.dll, ADVAPI32.dll,
RPCRT4.dll, NSI.dll, MPR.dll, USER32.dll,
GDI32.dll, icuuc30.dll, icudt30.dll,
ole32.dll, COMCTL32.dll, SHELL32.dll,
USP10.dll, comctl32.dll, NTMARTA.DLL,
NLAapi.dll, IPHLPAPI.DLL, dhcpcsvc.DLL,
DNSAPI.dll, Secur32.dll, WINNSI.DLL,
dhcpcsvc6.DLL, napinsp.dll, mswsock.dll,
winrnr.dll, wshtcpip.dll, fbintl.dll,
CRYPT32.dll, MSASN1.dll, USERENV.dll,
credssp.dll, schannel.dll, NETAPI32.dll,
pwdssp.dll, msv1_0.dll, cryptdll.dll