Subject Firebird Deployment Question
Author Myles Wakeham
We have a relatively large Internet Hosted application going live next
year that uses Firebird Super Server for its database management. The
database design is done so that an individual client has their own
'database' to themselves. This is due to security requirements, and to
simplify management.

My expectation is that as we have clients sign up to use this system, we
would run a script to create a new database for each client, using a SQL
metadata script for building the new database. But that only a small
collection of 'servers' would be used to serve access to the database,
based on load balancing, etc.

I'm wondering if there is any physical limitation to the number of
databases that a single server can work with, and whether there is any
negative ramifications for hosting what could be upwards of 1,000
databases on a single Firebird server platform?

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