Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: How to access Firebird DB on NAS storage device from client workstations
Author Lester Caine
Kjell Rilbe wrote:
> 3. Marius asks about the option to have both the DB file and the FB
> process(es) on the NAS. Some NAS devices have a Linux distro as OS and
> allows custom software to be installed directly on the NAS. This is what
> he wants to do. Noone seems to have answered this.
> I can't say anything else than I guess it's up to the NAS what it allows
> and how. From the FB point of view I can't see that there would be a
> problem with it.

My 'main' file server is a linux box with a number of 2Tb disks on board which
all of the other machines access. I would call it a 'NAS' because that is what
it is doing and it is a lot cheaper than a 'dedicated' NAS box. At the same time
Firebird is running on it and serving data from a smaller disk on the same
machine. 1000baseT network connection and all works well. So it's just a matter
of how one implements the file server :)

I did have a dedicated 'NAS' box for a while, but it never worked properly and
was eventually returned to the supplier for a full refund! A decent AMD
processor is a much better core than one of the embeded processors that the
dedicated boxes seem to use.

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