Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: How to access Firebird DB on NAS storage device from client workstations
Author Kjell Rilbe
mariofb123 skriver:
> Thank you Lester.
> Based on your reply, I assume that it is not possible to run the
> Firebird server on the NAS drive, to control the database files located
> on that drive ?

Seems to me you still haven't got this question answered.

1. It is not viable to have the DB file on the NAS and have multiple FB
processes access it from variaous workstations. This is not what Marius
asks about above, and he has stated that he undrestands that this doen't

2. It is not recommended to have the DB file and the server process on
two different machines. If this is still going to be done, make sure
only one single FB process is connected (has the file open) at any one
time. Again, this is not what Marius asks about above.

3. Marius asks about the option to have both the DB file and the FB
process(es) on the NAS. Some NAS devices have a Linux distro as OS and
allows custom software to be installed directly on the NAS. This is what
he wants to do. Noone seems to have answered this.

I can't say anything else than I guess it's up to the NAS what it allows
and how. From the FB point of view I can't see that there would be a
problem with it.

So, Mario, maybe you should contact the NAS supplier rather than asking
here. What you need is to know how to install FB on the NAS and how to
get the NAS to allow connection via port 3050 or whatever you set it up
to use.

Good luck!
Kjell Rilbe
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