Subject How to access Firebird DB on NAS storage device from client workstations
Author mariofb123
My Delphi 7 application is using Firebird 2.0.4 Super Server run as a service. Master database files stored on one of the workstations can be accessed from other client machines (peer-to-peer networked via office router) or from server computer running MS Small Business Server, using TCP/IP connection and example path, such as MAINSERVER/3051:C:\Data\databasename.fdb.

I would like to place the Firebird database files on the NAS device connected to network router and have them available to several client workstations on the same network. Is this possible ?
I have tried to access the database files stored on NAS box using the Firebird server installed on the client workstation and also tried to install the Firebird server on the NAS drive itself. None of these options appear to work.
Could you please help and advise how to resolve this NAS accessibility problem.
Many thanks.